Did you hear? JobSage was named one of the top innovative startups nationwide by American Inno!

1 We are not a pay-to-play review site.

Jobseekers should have access to information that allows them to make an informed decision about where they choose to work.

Because of this, our basic culture survey, JobSage profiles, and Trusted Employer badge is always free. We aren't pay-to-play. Trusted Employers are recognized as such because of their dedication to transparency- not because of the size of their recruiting budget.

We believe that all employers deserve a tool that will help them survey their employees in a meaningful way to create a workplace better for all.

2 We can get your survey up and running in a day.

Expect a quick and painless onboarding process that oftentimes takes less than a day. We've made it easy for JobSage employers to get started as soon as they sign up.

We'll do the work to build out your profile so that all you have to do is collect your employee feedback.

3 We ensure reviews come from verified, current employees.

Jobseekers want to know what it's currently like to work at a company.

Feedback from an employee that left three years ago or a disgruntled customer determined to tear down a company's reputation isn't helpful. They want current, authentic information about the employee experience.

That's why JobSage Trusted Employer reviews come from verified current employees.






4 We focus on topics that matter.

There's more to work than fancy titles and corner offices.

We are passionate about the topics jobseekers care about. That's why we've centered our surveys around the five areas of purpose, feedback, inclusion, flexibility, and growth.