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No company is perfect; the best companies are honest.

By leading with transparency, JobSage helps employers recruit top talent, especially diverse talent, and hire more informed professionals. The result is time and cost saved for everyone.

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How can JobSage help your company?

recruiting experience

Spend more quality time talking to informed candidates who, if hired or not, walk away with a positive experience worth sharing.

Attract more candidates, especially diverse candidates

Jobseekers are hesitant to join a company if they do not know someone who can vet the culture. This is magnified for underrepresented candidates.

employee retention

By providing transparency, candidates have realistic expectations of what it’s like to work at your company and are less likely to leave within a year.

What is a Trusted Employer?

Verified employees fill out a 5-question survey on Purpose, Inclusion, etc.

Company gets a Trusted Employer profile & badge to use during the recruiting process.

A transparent experience improves outcomes for both jobseeker and employer.

JobSage DOES NOT charge employers for a basic Trusted Profile. We believe this level of transparency should be free and will improve outcomes for both jobseekers and employers.

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